This selection includes educational and cultural institutions, corporate offices, and private residences,representing a practice spanning some fifty years. The continuous quest for an architecture that is economically affordable, ecologically sustainable, and culturally relevant has resulted in a gradual transition from modernity to tradition.

Patio & Garden, Residence, Model Town, Lahore

Courtyard, Residence, Model Town, Lahore
Central Atrium, Residence, Cavalry Ground, Lahore
Veranda, Residence in Cavalry Ground, Lahore
Covered Swimming Pool, Farm House near Lahore
Mosque at Textile Factory, Multan Road, Lahore
Dome Interior, Mosque Project, Lahore
Multi-purpose Hall, School for Handicapped, Near Lahore
Garden Residence, Wah Village, Hassan Abdal, Near Islamabad
Office Building, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi

Staircase, Office Building, Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi
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